Love for Mike Riversdale

Callaghan Innovation

Jen Cherrington, Innovation Enablement Executive

Mike is fantastic. Need a grownup? Need someone to tackle the unknown in a structured, productive and curious way? I've worked with Mike for almost 3 years at Callaghan and he's been an invaluable member of the team who has excellent EQ and wants to make a difference. When you work in the areas where others haven't yet tread a path, Mike has an innate ability to see the bigger picture and to bring it to life so that everyone can come on the journey. I would be happy to recommend Mike every day of the week.

Duncan Harding, Agile Enablement Team Lead

Mike and agile just go together. He gets things done, supports people to change, isn't afraid of the tough stuff, and makes it fun along the way. Whether scrum mastering, agile coaching, or technology implementation he's authentic, finds the right balance between when to challenge and when to care, and links the small things to the big picture. There hasn't been a situation yet that he won't fearlessly wander into and wrangle back into shape.

Julian Andrews, Strategic Partnerships Lead

Part of an internal "How has Agile gone for you?" series for Callaghan Innovation staff as the organisation transitions to being (more) adaptive and agile.

Julian was kind enough to talk about me and my approach to agile and Scrum Mastering.

AgTech 2019

Johnelle Hosking, event manager from The Factory:

Mike made the whole experience that much easier for me. Nothing was a bother, he was calm and relaxed the whole time. I felt like we collaborated together really well. Mike brought my vision to life!

Also attendee feedback:

Open Government Programme

Rochelle Stewart-Allen

Mike's warmth, enthusiasm, passion, and commitment to making a long-term difference makes him a true gem in New Zealand's Open Government community. He either knows the solution or how to make it happen which provides immense value to those around him (he makes it look seamless but I know this comes from years of hard, and often unrecognised, work). Mike fully understands the value of partnership & how to bring people onboard. He is also a great champion and supporter of fresh, innovative ideas. It's always a pleasure to work together.


Ben Kepes

If you want someone who understands that Enterprise 2.0 is about culture change more than technical offerings, Mike is the man.

If you want someone who will cut through the consultant-speak and give you the honest truth - Mike's your man.

If you want a consultant who'll nod his head in agreement and continue the status quo - look elsewhere!

Christchurch City Council

Donna Gregory

I have found Mike to be a very passionate and well informed champion of Knowledge Management within our organisation, his gregarious nature and ability to communicate to all levels within the organisation has enabled him to bring Knowledge Management to the attention of a wide audience, he has managed to introduce us to a subject area which very few had any real comprehension of prior.

Ministry of Health

Rachael Trudgeon

Mike has a fantastic ability to communicate really clearly - both 'techy talk' and client's talk! He is thorough, and has a good ability to be 'pushy' when he needs to get stuff done. As a team member, he is fun and makes sure the team is a team. He has a vast knowledge of what is new in the knowledge and technical arena - I think that is a fantastic strength for any IT shop!