Agtech 2019

Johnelle Hosking, event manager from The Factory:

Mike made the whole experience that much easier for me. Nothing was a bother, he was calm and relaxed the whole time. I felt like we collaborated together really well. Mike brought my vision to life!

  • Massey - great facilitator. He got the right feel for the event. Awesome way of getting teams together.
  • PF Olsen - Good balance of funny and serious, would like to get right skills balance in teams
  • Zespri - Great build up of intensity throughout the event, things flowed really well. Great job of managing mentors, pulling them aside and guiding them through. Great reminders of hydrating etc
  • Gallagher - Great facilitator who made our jobs very clear
  • LIC - Right personality for the job

Rochelle Stewart-Allen

Open Government Programme

Mike's warmth, enthusiasm, passion, and commitment to making a long-term difference makes him a true gem in New Zealand's Open Government community. He either knows the solution or how to make it happen which provides immense value to those around him (he makes it look seamless but I know this comes from years of hard, and often unrecognised, work). Mike fully understands the value of partnership & how to bring people onboard. He is also a great champion and supporter of fresh, innovative ideas. It's always a pleasure to work together.

Ben Kepes


If you want someone who understands that Enterprise 2.0 is about culture change more than technical offerings, Mike is the man.

If you want someone who will cut through the consultant-speak and give you the honest truth - Mike's your man.

If you want a consultant who'll nod his head in agreement and continue the status quo - look elsewhere!