Making IT Invisible

We shouldn't have to think about the how but concentrate on the why and what we want IT to do for us.

I am so passionate about it that I co-founded WaveAdept, a New Zealand-based company with the stated aim of "making IT invisible". WaveAdept was a leading, authorised Google Enterprise partner and we merged with Cloud Sherpas (who were subsequently acquired by Accenture).

By co-founding and subsequently driving Hack Miramar I brought technical people (our lovely geeks) and non-techies together further increasing the understanding between the parties and breaking down boundaries that can often lead to misunderstanding and even contempt.

My favourite tools are hackathons, barcamps/unconferences, open collaboration and speaking truth to power at all times. And being a fan of people.

I have always worked 'agile', and discovering back in the mid-2000s that there was an actual Agile with Scrum, Kanban, Design Sprints, and later SAFe was a glorious time.

The Internet and me

Because I am such an evangelist of the Internet and it's power to transform people and companies I am also active in keeping the Internet/Web open for all and especially opening up NZ Government use of the web to deliver information and services.

The rest of me

But what about the silly side, the rugby, the music - all catered for on my scatalogical blog and at the many events you'll find me.