Mike Riversdale

The best organisations of today are collaborative, connected and result focussed.

And everyone is struggling to get where the best are.

Let's find out where you are on the spectrum - are you thinking?

CHANGING: "We're on our way but we need to shortcut this journey somehow"

CURIOUS: "Why aren't we doing as well as them? Help!"

TRADITIONAL: "Gosh, it's not 1995 anymore but we're still working that way - where do we start?".

explain stuff

In order to co-create we all need good information and I ensure this through the written word, stories, presentations, facilitation and workshops.

connect people

I work hard to ensure true working partnerships are formed between parties based on mutual understanding, similar goals and a willingness to make a difference.

Get things done

I cut to the chase working at a fast pace to ensure benefits are delivered to those that require them.

I favour an agile approach, team work and smiles.