Mike Riversdale 

Agile By Nature

Scrum Master and Product Owner

(SAfe, Scrum, Product Owner, Design Sprints trained and experienced)


Right now, businesses are being challenged like never before. Entire work forces are being challenged, some for the first time ever, as technology moves into "their space" - AI anyone?

As we step into this uncertain future, have you asked:

This isn’t new for me. I live unafraid, in the space between the moment of no turning back and the first step forward. And I’ve helped companies do the same. 

I clarify strategy around what’s going to happen in the future and facilitate whatever decision your organisation makes.


My background

If you need help guiding people from the “I can’t do that” mindset to “I can so do that!” message or email me at mike.riversdale@miramarmike.co.nz (full Contact details)