Mike Riversdale

Agile By Nature

Scrum Master and Product Owner


Right now, businesses are being challenged like never before. Entire work forces have been forced to work remotely, some for the first time ever.

As we step into this uncertain future, have you asked:

  1. Are you going to continue remote working?

  2. If not, how are you going to adapt lessons learned?

This isn’t new for me. I live unafraid, in the space between the moment of no turning back and the first step forward. And I’ve helped companies do the same. You can do this. You can adapt and make your business better. This is the moment to take the leap.

I clarify strategy around what’s going to happen in the future and facilitate whatever decision your organisation makes.


  • clarifying goals about the future you want to see

  • identifying technical hurdles to achieving that future

  • offering business mentorship through a technical lens

  • highlighting the path forward with big problem-solving guidance

  • contract consulting + facilitating & workshopping

  • bringing the online “unconference” and “hackathon” approach into the workplace

  • getting people to challenge the status quo

There will be a natural drive and temptation to go backward instead of forward. I body-block that. I ask: What have you seen or done during the Covid crisis that you don’t want to unsee or undo? And then I help answer that question in a structured way, that becomes strategy and process to move your organisation forward.

My background

  • Professional training and experience in the technical sector (running a cloud service company and managing the introduction of new technology into workplaces)

  • Unusual combination of technical and interpersonal expertise

  • Experience setting up, marketing, and running big events (#WellyTech/GovHackNZ)

  • Degrees in counselling

If you need help guiding people from the “I can’t do that” mindset to “I can so do that!” message or email me at mike.riversdale@miramarmike.co.nz (full Contact details)