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Engage Your Community - Presentation Notes


  • Mike Riversdale
  • Owner of the on-line collaboration consultancy business, MiramarMike.co.nz
  • The picture is the one I use on the web taken by my son and chosen by the Webstock team ... suitably "hip and trendy and 2.0"
  • I introduce, educate about and grow the introduction of "Web 2.0" within organisations
(more at About Mike)

    Microsoft Office (PC installed)

    • Hands up who uses Microsoft Office on a daily basis
    • What do you use it for (word processing, spreadsheets, email, calendaring and possibly presentations?)
    • I am not here to tell you that you are wrong
    • This is not an anti-Microsoft Office preso
    • In fact, if you're using MS Office right now I urge you to keep doing it
    • I am here to give you options and remove the thinking that it can ONLY be MS Office
    • When you come to upgrade/pay money then I hope you remember this preso and question the status quo
    So, what are the options ...

    Google Apps (web based)

      • Let's start with the one closest to my heart - Google Apps
      • Google suite of applications ("apps")
      • Can be tailored to the organisations (domain name, branding etc)
      • Free or $50/user
      • Free is never free, what does it mean in the on-line/Google world?
      • Incorporates
        • GMail
        • Google Calendar
        • Google Docs
        • Sites
        • Google Talk
        • Postini

      Zoho (web based)

      • A complete Microsoft Office suite of functionality + more
      • Can us your Google or Yahoo! accounts to login
      • Zoho Month on my blog; follow along to see just how good/comprehensive it is
      • Personal view - they are stuck between Microsoft and Google, a tough place to be :-)

      OpenOffice (PC installed)

      • But that's the web, maybe the web (or "cloud computing" isn't for you)
      • Open Source - describe
      • OpenOffice is "maintained" by Sun but has a large and active community of geeks working for you
      • Can read/write MS Office files
      • But hey, let's make MS Office use the major standard, ODF :-)
      • NO licensing costs
      What about all the other applications you might use in your day-to-day work life ... there are alternatives to those as well

      Other PC installed applications

      • Firstly, check out the LARGE list at Wikipedia: Comparison of office suites
      • Jive - collaboration
      • Yuuguu - on-line meetings.conferences
      • Liferay - portal
      • GIMP - image editing
      • Thunderbird - email client
      • Sunbird - calendar
      • Scribus - desktop publishing
      • Inkscape - drawing
      • Avidemux - video editing
      • TurboChash - accounting
      • And for those really wanting to move away from a pay-for-licensed environment check out Ubuntu - complete and free operating system
        (which comes with OpenOffice - everything you want in one free operating system)
      But back to the Web ... where we'll all end up eventually. What else is there for the day-to-day business user?

      Other web based services

      • Firstly, how do you get to the Web, via the browser and again there are alternatives to the Microsoft Internet Explorer
      • The most famous and, IMHO, usable/extensible is called Firefox
      • However, breaking news, Google has just released it's own open source browser called Chrome ... we all watch that space!
      • Once you're on the web, then what - we'll here's a few options that might not be free but offer "freedom" of location and use of your IT resources
      • Oh, and one of the best things about web services is you get the very latest version without having to do anything ... log in and there it is!
      • Xero - accounting
      • PlanHQ - business planning
      • MindMeister - brain storming, mind maps
      • Vyew - on-line 'workspaces'
      Crickey, where is all this going - so many options with new ones appearing day-by-day!
      A little glimpse into the future.

      Not one thing or the other

      • From data and applications tightly knitted together on the PC we are moving towards a world of:
      • Applications available one whatever device you like
      • Data in one place and made available, securely, how and when you want it
      • Example:
        • iPhone, Vodafone NZ
        • Kiwibank iPhone access
        • National Bank iPhone access
      • Your challenge is NOT to keep up with all this - who can?
      • Your challenge is to question the status quo and get the best for your own organisation
      • And know that you are not alone - this conference is aimed at connecting you to those that can help