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Engage Your Comunity - Workshop Notes

Web office applications: word processing, spreadsheets, email and calendars without installing one bit of software! 
Using Google Applications as an example of on-line/web-based office applications (replicating the typical Microsoft Office suite) we will find out what is offered, where they are, how easy is it to get going and answer the question, 'Are they good enough?' From Mike's workshop, you will experience the difference between on-line and PC-based products and therefore question the 'status quo'. Getting the knowledge of these web services, your organisation will benefit with reduced cost and increased service.

See also: Links and Resources


  1. Mike Riversdale
  2. Owner of the on-line collaboration consultancy business, MiramarMike.co.nz
  3. The picture is the one I use on the web taken by my son and chosen by the Webstock team ... suitably "hip and trendy and 2.0"
  4. I introduce, educate about and grow the introduction of "Web 2.0" within organisations
(more at About Mike)


  1. A stand up and then sit down - 2 questions:
    1. Who uses a non-Microsoft Office product for word processing?
    2. Who knew you could do all this stuff via a web browser?
    3. Who knows what Google Doc is?
  2. By the end of the workshop you will:
    1. Understand the range and depth of on-line services available
    2. Experienced the difference between on-line and PC-based products and therefore question the "status quo"
    3. Know where to look for further information

How we'll get there

As a rough guide to the remainder of the workshop ...
  • Introduction - DONE
  • Getting logged in - you've just DONE IT
  • Create a document - 10 minutes
  • Collaborate on a document - 10 minutes
  • A brief discussion of other web based products - 10 minutes
  • Wrap-up, Q&A - 10 minutes

Microsoft Office

  • Version 2007 the latest
  • Very feature rich
  • Interface nearly everyone understands (but it does change between versions)
  • Costs money
  • Installed on your PC

Google Apps

Google Docs

  • Can be used as part of Google Apps OR separately as your own area
  • Comes with a Google Account (if you're using GMail you already have Google Docs)
  • Google Documents
  • Google Spreadsheets - will show that later
  • Google Presentation - you're seeing it now

Start your engines ...

Work with someone else ...

  • Look at you piece of pager
  • Choose which ONE will share the document and which one will go looking for it

Google Presentations

  • You are seeing it

Google Spreadsheets

Google Apps

After the workshop

Three things I'd ask you all to do:
  1. Give it a go
    It's easy to give Google Docs a go - sign-up and go for it.
  2. Find out more
    Start at the resources I have compile for you: Workshop Links and Resources
    • Ask for help
      It's easy to get in touch with myself or any of the other fine presenters of today.